Salesforce Education Cloud

Empower your education institution with 360-degree viewacross the entire student lifecycle

Deliver connected experience to your students, staff and alumni with integrated solutions for improved education

We provide education institutions with the technical support they need to manage the complete student lifecycle using the Salesforce Education Cloud. Despite the fact that technology is only one part of student achievement, we can assist your institution get the most out of our services. We can introduce Salesforce capabilities to your classrooms and bring together education leaders to create industry innovation.

Using one integrated Salesforce education platform, your business can collaborate to develop tailored student experiences at scale. This can help your institution go from siloed data to actionable insights, allowing learners to develop long-term relationships.

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Education Cloud

Transforming Learner Engagements into lifelong Relationships

Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud Features

Stakeholders' comprehensive view
Automated student enrolment
Managing loan applications
Management of student assistance
Improved artificial intelligence reporting
Individualized communication
Automated marketing
Assist with recruitment
Cross-departmental cooperation

Salesforce Education Cloud Features

2. Individualized communication

4. Automated marketing

6. Assist with recruitment

8. Cross-departmental cooperation

1. Stakeholders' comprehensive view

3. Automated student enrolment

5. Managing loan applications

7. Management of student assistance

9. Improved artificial intelligence reporting


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Let’s dive deep to know more about our Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Education Cloud is a robust technology suite that enables learners and institutions to succeed. It's a blueprint for educational institutions, with solution sets for Admissions & Recruitment, Student Experience, Advancement, and Institutional Operations.

Salesforce CRM allows an educational institution to see all part of its interaction with its students, from financial aid to courses, grade data, and so on.Another useful element of the Education Cloud is that it provides schools with purpose-built education products and solutions, as well as the newest innovation from the trusted Salesforce platform, such as advanced AI, analytics, integration capabilities, and more.

Salesforce’s K-12 Architecture Kitoffers a foundation for connecting people, processes, and data in schools and districts. It is aligned to the Ed-Fi Alliance Data Standard, and provides an expandable data model that may stretch as a school's needs change over time. Additionally, it allows you to design custom apps and templates that support your unique educational model with only a few simple clicks, rather than relying on difficult coding!

Salesforcehas been working to ensure that education (particularly, higher education at the college/university level) is technologically connected to improve the whole experience. They seek to make life on a college campus simple, student-centred, and connected in every way possible. They believe in reimagining the entire student experience by preparing students for the future of work, encouraging community-driven innovation, and bringing institutions together.

Salesforce connects campuses to the cloud to provide all of the services that a college student requires in one place. Furthermore, the cloud allows institutions to engage with potential students, existing students, alumni, parents, and other stakeholders in tailored marketing and communication.