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Salesforce’s CPQ or Configure, Price, and Quote software is a sales tool that allows businesses to deliver correct pricing for every product configuration scenario. CPQ platform takes into account optional features, modifications, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales agents to quote costs quickly and accurately.We can help you get the most out of your Salesforce CPQ platform. Since it is a cloud-based platform that provides your sales staff with easy-to-use functionalities, we can help you host it on the Sales Cloud platform to enable a direct link to your CRM, allowing you to make the best sales decisions.

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Integrate Salesforce CPQ with other systems for efficient ROI

ERP Integration Marketing Automation Accounting Productive tools

We can help you integrate Oracle ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, Sage, and other ERP applications. With the Salesforce integration app, you can better align your sales and resource management processes, giving sales reps a holistic view of their customers and better planning procurement and manufacturing with updated sales data.

By connecting marketing software like Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp, and others with the Salesforce CRM system, you can easily synchronise your sales and marketing processes. You can stay engaged cold leads, nurture leads, manage marketing campaigns on sales, and provide a consistent customer experience by integrating CRM and marketing tools.

We can help you integrate your Salesforce CRM with an accounting system to share financial data with your sales team and improve customer profiles, invoicing, transactions, and estimates. To acquire data-driven financial insights to better operate your business, you may combine your CRM with accounting apps like Zoho Books, QuickBooks, Xero, and more.

You can manage and save documents more easily by connecting Salesforce CRM with productivetools like SharePoint, O365, Liferay, Sitecore, and others. This integration allows enterprises to collaborate on projects more easily by avoiding issues like document duplication and system unavailability caused by using CRM and a collaboration tool at the same time.

Top benefits of Salesforce CPQ for growing enterprises

2. Streamline quotes creation

4. Generate contracts and close sales effectively

6. Automatic management of subscription renewals

8. Centralization of quote-to-cash process

10. Increased flexibility and greater competitive advantage

1. Automation of entire CPQ process

3. Deliver accurate and personalized quotes

5. Increased productivity of sales rep

7. Increased profitability with Salesforce CRM integration

9. Recommend competitive pricing and packages

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Let’s dive deep to know more about our Salesforce Implementation Services

One of the key roadblocks to delivering speedy estimates is when sales reps sort customer options, configurations, or prices, they must wade through spreadsheets to find the appropriate pricing to build the quote. By clearly outlining pre-programmed rules, CPQ reduces friction with customers and within the company. Every validated configuration, pricing, discount, and scenario can be delivered using a CPQ solution, making product configurations and alternatives simple based on company capacity. Then, when the sales agent is ready to build the quotation, CPQ leads them through the steps to create a comprehensive, accurate quote in minutes utilizing a customized template. It automatically directs to the appropriate parties for approval, thus reducing the wait time.

While the Salesforce CPQ solution aids salespeople in swiftly generating correct quotes, the implications of CPQ on efficiency are far-reaching. One of the most significant benefits of CPQ software is that it allows the entire company to participate. When done correctly, CPQ implementation drives sales, renewals, finance, and legal all have a hand in the various configurations. That means no salesperson will try to offer you configurations that aren't financially or legally feasible.

Within an organization, sales, finance, legal, manufacturing, and development are frequently separated and compartmentalized. Salesforce CPQ solution has shown to be a link across departments, allowing for clear communication and established norms.

A signed quote is the beginning of a chain of events that involve the entire company. A single quote may contain every detail requested by downstream teams, which is challenging, and that is why a CPQ solution is required. It reduces errors and ensures that the next stages operate seamlessly.