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Customer Journeys with SFMC

Creating Personalized Customer Journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud is one of the most popular Salesforce platforms, geared toward marketers that want to maximize their return on investment (ROI) by knowing customers and providing them with what they want. This blog will focus on the Marketing Cloud and its specifics. The Marketing Cloud puts the customer at the centre of every interaction. The customer has a complete choice over what, when, where, and how a brand interacts with them. Managing that customer relationship using standard means becomes quite challenging. At that point, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services come into play.

Salesforce highlights the benefits of its Marketing Cloud platform as below:

A deep understanding of the consumer: Marketing Cloud allows you to connect data from many sources and devices to acquire a single unified view of the customer. You will also be able to acquire and activate data from third parties. Artificial intelligence customization: Marketing Cloud can be integrated with the Einstein tool for limitless possibilities, allowing AI to coordinate interactions. As a result, the platform drives personalized consumer communications. Moreover, this Salesforce marketing platform maintains interest and awareness throughout the journey (a two-way real-time interaction), and recommends information to provide each consumer with the right action. Impact analysis: Using artificial intelligence and the digital tool Google Analytics 360, the Marketing Cloud gets the ability to measure each customer’s journey across several channels and devices. The Marketing Cloud has services for both B2B (when the customer is another firm) and B2C (when the customer is a consumer). Unified data sources, channel customization, the capacity to interact at any point in the customer relationship, and campaign performance measurement are some of the significant benefits of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services.

Tools that make the Marketing Cloud exceptional

The Marketing Cloud from Salesforce enables the creation of personalized content for each consumer across any channel, including email, web or mobile advertising, e-commerce, and even social media or user communities. In addition to being integrated into the Salesforce ecosystem, the Marketing Cloud comprises all of the following products:
  • Salesforce Journey Builder—creates personalized customer journeys across many channels.
  • Email Studio-assists in creating personalized email marketing campaigns.
  • Social Studio-designs personalized programs that convert our social media following into leads.
  • Mobile Studio-offers marketing engagements via SMS, push notifications, and group messaging, allowing us to leap mobile devices.
  • Audience Studio-collects data from any source and consolidates it into a single location. The Audience Studio creates appealing material for the audience by achieving the “social listening” goal. This covers digital advertising and assists in discovering the Salesforce solution for managing the acquisition, retargeting, and alignment efforts for your target audience.
  • Datorama- This is the central hub where data is monitored via a dashboard, helping the user demonstrate an understanding of how business growth can be boosted, keeping in mind several metrics such as ROI.
  • Interaction Studio– a tool for visualizing and connecting with customers in real-time through any interaction.
  • Data Studio-is an effective tool for discovering a company’s audience, acquiring data, and taking control of that data. This is an exceptional tool for increasing revenue through the use of important data.
  • Google Analytics 360- Marketing Cloud platform integrates this product from Google, allowing users to use all customer insights to better understand them and get more from marketing actions.
  • Pardot- designed for B2B companies, Pardot makes marketing automation easier for sales teams to use when closing deals and building valuable relationships.

You should utilize Marketing Cloud if your company:

  • Prefers transactional purchases and short sales cycles
  • Needs to assemble massive volumes of behavioural data from several sources
  • Wants to segment contacts based on different datasets that are not stored in your Salesforce organization’s primary database
  • Have an internal marketing team that is fairly tech-savvy
Wrapping up The Marketing Cloud’s efficiency is outstanding when used as a complete studio suite. Also, you become unstoppable when you combine it with add-ons like SalesWings for Marketing Cloud (lead scoring, sales intelligence, alerts, and behavioral tracking). According to Salesforce data, organizations using Marketing Cloud saw a 43 percent improvement in marketing campaign ROI, a 44 percent increase in lead volume, and a 46 percent faster campaign deployment. These stats depict higher productivity and profitability levels. However, your marketing is unique, and not every studio will be a good fit for what you want to achieve. Therefore, we suggest you understand each Salesforce Marketing Cloud tool as a separate product. Examine where you want to focus your marketing efforts, assess your strengths and weaknesses, and utilize the knowledge in this blog to select Marketing Cloud Studios that will reach your clients through the preferred channel.