Salesforce Paradot: What is it?

Salesforce Pardot: What is it

Pardot is Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool. It is an ideal solution for enterprises that sell to other companies (B2B). As a leading salesforce development company in India, we use Pardot to help businesses automate their marketing efforts and bring marketing and sales departments closer together.

Lead Generation

Landing pages are an excellent way to add new names to your database of people interested in your products and services. Creating an appealing and engaging landing page is simple in Pardot using templates with forms in no time. Especially for beginners, the visual editor feature is hands-on to get started. Once you have mastered the basics, you may customize the landing page layouts by locking content regions for advanced customizations.

You can also leverage your website’s existing forms to feed data directly into Pardot or construct a new Pardot Form. Additionally, progressive profiling is supported using Pardot Forms. It’s simple—the more people return to fill out forms, the more information you get to capture. For instance, when someone fills out a form for the first time, you merely ask for their name and email address. When they return, Pardot recognizes them and enquires about their employer and job description. Therefore, they do not need the person to fill out a lengthy form with the same information every time. This helps you gather more information about each person in your database, allowing you to determine if they’re a hot or cold lead.

Lead Management

A ‘prospect’ in Pardot is a better word for who they are than a known lead or contact. Pardot assigns a score to each prospect (or lead) who does some sort of activity. Someone who visits a landing page and fills out a form, for example, receives 50 points. If the same prospect reads the email that was delivered automatically when they filled out the form and downloads your most recent whitepaper, they may receive an additional 10 points. Similarly, they get 20 points if they subscribe to your newsletter after that. By scoring prospect interactions in this way, you can detect the leads with higher ratings are more interested in your products or services. Further, based on it your sales staff can then take the necessary action.

Interestingly, if your prospects aren’t quite ready to commit or they’re still learning about you and what you have to offer, Pardot gives you the flexibility to nurture them as little or as much as you want.

You can also send emails automatically based on triggers in Pardot’s Engagement Studio, such as downloads, time gaps, actions taken on a landing page, and other custom parameters. To cope with dormant leads, you can build up a re-engagement program.

Email Marketing

The easy-to-use visual editor in Pardot’s email marketing tool allows you to swiftly create emails. It gives you the ability to send out appealing emails with the correct message at the right time. Thanks to the responsive, out-of-the-box templates, custom design possibilities, and Pardot Engagement Studio.

Create auto-responder emails for your landing pages and forms to ensure that your prospects receive the information they want in their inbox. You also have the feature to personalize your emails by including the recipient’s name and customizing the ‘from’ address. While adding a signature to correspond to a specific person in your organization, including material within the email that changes automatically based on prospect characteristics such as industry.

Another feature is to examine how prospects interact with your emails at every stage of the campaign with comprehensive email reporting. This is where you can view open rates, and click-through rates to know which prospects took action as a result of your emails, helping you to optimize each one over time.

For enterprises that use Salesforce CRM, one of the best features of Pardot email marketing is the ability to create beautiful email templates that your sales team can utilize to send a personalized one-to-one email directly to their hottest lead, ensuring warmth as prospects get closer to becoming customers.

Sales and marketing

Pardot integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM, bringing marketing and sales closer than ever. Salesforce allows your sales team to examine a complete prospect’s activity history against your leads and contacts. Your team can see if someone has received, opened, and clicked on a call-to-action in an email (or not), and which whitepapers have been downloaded. All of this information allows them to have a more personal interaction with the prospect.

It allows you to set up an alert to send an email to your sales staff. For example, when a prospect completes a certain action, such as filling out a form, or when their Pardot score reaches 100 points, sales have access to critical customer insights without interrupting their daily routine.

Your marketing team can evaluate and analyze campaign effectiveness, draw insights based on data, trace individual leads back to marketing efforts, identify which sales possibilities have been led by marketing activity, and see how much income you are creating for the business with this complete Pardot-Salesforce integration.

Artificial Intelligence

Salesforce’s AI technology is called Pardot Einstein. It may be used to analyze data from Pardot and Salesforce to help your sales and marketing teams prioritize work. Pardot Einstein requires a significant amount of data to get up and running, but with enough data in your system, you can get started quickly.

In the form of scores and insights, Pardot Einstein can automatically inform you what type of prospect most frequently engages with your campaign.

Lead Scoring identifies prospects that are most likely to become customers based on information from their personas, such as industry and seniority. You rate your leads using Einstein depending on how closely they match your company’s successful conversion and victory patterns. Traditional rules-based lead-scoring systems are more complicated, time-consuming, and inaccurate than predictive lead scoring.

Based on their behavior, Einstein Behavior Scoring notifies your sales team when prospects are ready to buy. You may save time and resources by adding this score to your Salesforce records so that your sales team can immediately prioritize and focus on the people who are most likely to buy.

Take away

The need for marketing automation to streamline and reduce complex marketing operations is critical in every firm as the world of marketing becomes more content-heavy and organizations demand that their marketing teams deliver faster.

If you’d like to learn more about Salesforce Pardot and how we can help your organization leverage it to generate more leads, engage existing customers, and integrate sales and marketing, please contact NSIQ INFOTECH or visit our profile on Designrush.