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Maximizing Customer Engagement with Salesforce-WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp free, Cross-platform, and VoIP (voice over IP) service owned by the Meta platform. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world with above 2 billion active users. What’s is best app because it’s available on various platforms including Android and iOS.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Salesforce CRM easily manages businesses and their customer interactions. It provides a single view of customers across all channels. Including sales, marketing, and service.

Salesforce is a CRM platform that helps business manage their customer relationship. By integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp, businesses will get power because of these two platforms together WhatsApp and salesforce.

WhatsApp with Salesforce integration allows communication sales, service, marketing, and commerce interaction.

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce:

Improve Customer Engagement:

WhatsApp app is a popular messaging app with over 2 billion active users worldwide. After integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce, businesses can communicate with their customers. As a leading salesforce development company in USA, we integrate WhatsApp with salesforce to improve communication by reducing the number of support tickets as well.

Automated Messaging:

Automated messaging is a great way to improve customer engagement by providing timely and consistent responses to customer inquiries. The help of automating messages can help businesses to increase sales.

Increased Sales:

Businesses can use WhatsApp to promote their product and services, answer customer questions with provide customer support.

For Streamlined Communication:

Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce in streamlined communication because of sending and receiving messages, scheduling appointments, sending reminders, and collecting feedback all things easily possible.

Features of Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce:

Customer Support

 à Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce in customer support can help the business to provide a more efficient personalized customer experience. Some benefits of customer support are below:

  1. Improve customer satisfaction
  2. Increase efficiency
  3. Personalize communication
  4. Automate the tasks
  5. Improved data insights

Sales and Marketing

à Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce for sales and marketing can help businesses to below:

  1. Track marketing result
  2. Automate marketing tasks
  3. Personalize marketing message

Timely Notification

à After integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce for timely notification can help businesses to:

  1. Automate notifications
  2. Personalized notification
  3. Task notification opens
  4. Send timely notifications to customers

Ex- any restaurant uses WhatsApp to send notifications to customers about current orders with the same update as well.  

Automated response

à This integration is used to create responses for common queries such as:

Auto response can help businesses improve customer satisfaction by providing quick questions and answer

Ex –

  1. What is my account, Balance?
  2. When is my next appointment?
  3. How do I track my Order?

Personalized messaging

à Salesforce and WhatsApp integration allows businesses to personalize their messaging to customers. And personalize messaging have also benefits like increased customer engagement, Improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, reduced costs, increased efficiency.

Reduced cost: Personalized messages can help reduce costs by automating customer interactions and providing customers with the information they need.

Increased customer engagement: WhatsApp is the most popular app in the world with 2 billion active users. And help salesforce and WhatsApp integration to reach more customers.

Enhanced customer insights: The salesforce with WhatsApp integration gains the dippers insights into customer Behaviours’ and preferences. This information can be used to improve customer engagement. Overall integration between WhatsApp with Salesforce for personal messaging can provide no benefits as per above.

Ex – A healthcare provider could use WhatsApp with salesforce integration to send daily updates to patients meaning daily meals, and daily appointments, with patient questions and answers to improve patient care and satisfaction.

Automate the tasks: After integrating Salesforce with WhatsApp some benefits of automating tasks.

Improved efficiency: Automating tasks can help businesses save time.

Reduced Error: This can help businesses improve accuracy and consistency and reduce the coming errors.

Improved customer service: Automated tasks can help businesses to provide the better

Increase productivity: WhatsApp with salesforce integration in automating the task increases productivity. Automated tasks help to achieve the goals easily.

Here is one example of messaging between salesforce and WhatsApp

Maximizing Customer Engagement with Salesforce-WhatsApp Integration

Example of messaging between salesforce and WhatsApp

One of the most popular communication apps is WhatsApp and the best CRM is Salesforce integration as shown above WhatsApp offers business API that helps us integrate with Salesforce. API is basically used for the communication and interaction between WhatsApp and Salesforce. Integration with Salesforce requires some bridge so we write some custom code for this.


1. What are the requirements for integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce?

  • The requirements for integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce are below:
  • You must have a WhatsApp business account and a verified Facebook Business Manager Account.
  • You have the must permission to configure messaging in Salesforce.
  • You must have the provider’s permission to authorize WhatsApp Messaging Customize application.
  • You must have a view setup and must configure it to see WhatsApp channels.

2. How long does it take to integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce?

  • It sometimes takes to integrate WhatsApp with Salesforce and it depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of your integration.
  • Some general timelines are below for the integration of WhatsApp with Salesforce.
  • 1 – 2 weeks: Gather the requirements and plan the integration
  • 2 – 4 weeks: Develop and test integration.
  • 1 – 2 weeks: Deploy the integration.


Integrating WhatsApp with Salesforce can great way to increase sales, and streamline communication, and customer engagement through automated the tasks.