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Customization of Salesforce Community Cloud for a finance company

Customization of Salesforce Community Cloud for a finance company

Industry: Financial Services

Technologies and tools used: Salesforce Community Cloud, Apex Code, JavaScript, Chart.js, Visualforce


The customer is a European organization that provides financial consulting services to help its clients minimize investment risks.


The customer employed a Salesforce Community Cloud-based solution to provide a platform for collaboration and data sharing for quicker deal-making between investors and manufacturers. Unfortunately, the platform no longer meets all of the user’s expectations since they desired more personalised cooperation, which necessitated the creation of new user roles. However, the customer was unable to meet those requirements within their Community Cloud edition and lacked the financial resources to upgrade. As a result, they sought out a reputable vendor to design their Salesforce solution.


NSIQ Infotech was approached by the customer as a trustworthy source of Salesforce customisation services. Our team began by developing new custom user roles. Custom sharing logic was developed by changing the default sharing model to make it functional. This allowed the newly established roles to share data. Our team then enabled setting up specific data viewing permissions for distinct user roles.

NSIQ Infotech’s team made code modifications to make new user roles appear native within the collaborative platform. Our team worked with the customer’s in-house Salesforce developers in multiple time zones on this project. The work was structured in such a way that each developer worked on the allocated code section, avoiding interference with the performance of other team members, ensuring easy cooperation and unambiguous task sharing. When the developers finished their part of the work, the code was evaluated, merged, tested, and deployed automatically.


While staying within the same Salesforce Community Cloud edition, the customer was able to provide increased collaboration features for users of their collaboration platform. As a result, they were able to improve client happiness while also increasing the ROI of their Community Cloud service.