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Extend the features of your software to the Salesforce platform or simply implement equivalent features in different instances with our Salesforce AppExchange Apps.

Gain a competitive edge in your business with our Salesforce App development service

Creating a custom Salesforce app enables enterprises to give their customers the best possible experience with their products and services. Businesses of various types may create applications that provide deep insights into their customers’ journeys while also engaging them. Salesforce app development is a popular solution that assists growing businesses in developing apps that are not only visually beautiful but also connect with the user’s language and provide personalization.

We are a Salesforce-certified service provider with AppExchange expertise. We have helped a variety of companies with custom AppExchange app development, and we have built compelling premium Salesforce apps for several worldwide software companies. Our team of Salesforce specialists is ready to assist you in developing and publishing your standalone applications to Salesforce.

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Benefits of developing a futuristic app in Salesforce

Customize and develop rapidly with free apps
Our AppExchange solution enables us to create and customize applications more quickly using hundreds of free apps with full source code are available on AppExchange.
Strong marketplace
With our incentive app creation services, you can get your custom app out to more than 1,50,000 Salesforce customers on the AppExchange.
Resolve business concerns quickly
Resolve business issues and manage applications in real-time with our software packages that are handled by software vendors.

Our exceptional AppExchange development offerings

AppExchange App Consulting

AppExchange App Consulting

We deliver high-quality services to enterprises and provide industry-specific AppExchange consulting services that will match your needs. Our consultants hold the expertise to build a blueprint for the prototype and provide effective services with end-to-end application development services.

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

At NSIQ Infotech, we assist our customers from initiation to implementation, as well as deploy the Salesforce AppExchange App Model to ensure that the out-of-the-box solution is delivered.

Salesforce AppExchange App Development
Lightning and Salesforce Mobile

Lightning and Salesforce Mobile

Our Salesforce AppExchange App developers are skilled and talented, and they can make your current apps compatible with Salesforce Mobile and Lightning. Our developers use responsive building blocks for drawing sites and apps, ensuring that your app migrates to the Lightning version as quickly as possible.

AppExchange App Compliance

Before getting released on AppExchange, all product requirements are subjected to a security screening. We can help you reach your goal of having your app published on AppExchange. To make the security review pass for AppExchange app development services easier, we follow all of the necessary security measures.
AppExchange App Compliance
AppExchange App Management

AppExchange App Management

We can assist you if your app is set to be listed on AppExchange. Our AppExchange services are designed to effectively assist you in managing your AppExchange apps by keeping them up to date with the advanced features introduced routinely in new Salesforce releases and making it simple to deploy new versions of your apps.

Looking to develop an innovative app?

At NSIQ Infotech, we provide a robust set of services tools that enable our clients to develop the best possible app, establish a profitable business, and differentiate practices.

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Let’s dive deep to know more about our Salesforce Implementation Services
A Salesforce partner is the primary catalyst behind each AppExchange solution. AppExchange allows Salesforce partners like us to design and distribute extensions. We assist you in selecting and installing the solutions that are the best fit for your organization's infrastructure needs when you work with us.

As a growing enterprise, you will need to have the right strategy. Therefore, we help you develop an AppExchange strategy that not only determines building a gold-standard solution but also provides assistance in testing the solution in a developer edition organization or sandbox. 

Yes. Trust is our number one value at NSIQ Infotech, and all apps on AppExchange are required to go through a comprehensive security review process. Security review ensures that the app meets the highest-level security standards of Salesforce.

Although there are multiple solutions available on AppExchange, choosing the right one is crucial. We help you choose among ready-to-install, no code, and low code solutions live on Appxchange. Besides, we help you leverage apps, components, Bolt solutions, Lightning data, and Flow solutions readily. 

When you partner with us, our Salesforce experts help you build an app using Salesforce AppExchange. We become your Salesforce partner and assist you in strategizing your AppExchange app. Then, develop, package and test your AppExchange app, followed by preparing your app for AppExchange security. Finally, we run app trails for you.