Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud

Get connected to your workforce and customers by creating mobile-friendly, unique, and compelling community portals with our Community Cloud services.

Enhance your customer engagement with Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities is a solution that enables your organization to connect thousands of employees, customers, stakeholders, and partners without having to invest in separate individual licenses. NSIQ Infotech fully utilizes Salesforce Community Cloud to create unique solutions that speed up channel sales, offer the ease of sharing information, and deliver proactive customer support to end customers.

Our team of Salesforce experts delivers a CRM-powered experience for our clients, allowing you to be more productive and create responsive digital environments. At NSIQ Infotech, we offer Salesforce Communities implementation services to help modern enterprises engage and interact with their clients with integrated services while maintaining their corporate reputation. Community Cloud helps increase client engagement by locating the customers’ needs and handling their account information. Furthermore, when you use our services, we assure you can generate revenue by delivering self-service features for your clients.

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What you can achieve with our Salesforce Community Cloud services

Salesforce Communities consulting

Salesforce Communities consulting

We provide consulting on crafting the perfect approach for you to assist you in developing community goals, finalizing features, and mapping out future community goals with our assistance.

Knowledge-base & user-base management

Our team of experts can connect to external databases or move your knowledge base to SFDC. Additionally, we help you manage your database access based on roles and relevant login protocols.
Knowledge-base & user-base management
Third-party software integration

Third-party software integration

At NSIQ Infotech, our community solutions are integrated with third-party services and data sources to help our clients get connected to as many applications as possible through integrations.

Salesforce Communities Development and Implementation

We adapt Community Cloud capabilities and develop custom features, business workflows, and applications. At every stage, we can help you to be Lightning-ready and mobile-ready.
Salesforce Communities Development and Implementation

Meet your business goals effectively with our Community Cloud offerings

Project and Task Management

Coordinate effectively between teams and manage tasks at ease

Content Management and Moderation

Manage the development and management of various business content

Data Sharing

Adjust your sharing setting to limit access to specific information

Community Management

Attain access to customizable and pre-configured Lightning dashboards

Journey Builder

Render cross-channel customized experiences at every step of customer lifecycle

Lightning Bolt

Smoothly integrate your portals and communities

Connect CMS to Community

Get assistance to connect your external CMS for consistent branding

Community Reporting

Keep a check on short-and-long-term trends

Ideation and Crowd sourcing

Participate in productive conversations and roll out new service or product

Community Automation

Centralize inventory, pricing, and avoid channel issues along with lead distribution and registration

Decision Tree

Visualize exhibition of various possible results

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Let’s dive deep to know more about our Salesforce Implementation Services

You are instantly a Community Cloud customer if you already have a customer or partner portal. To build a community, you only need to migrate your portal. It is simple to relocate.

Because Community Cloud is our next-generation portal, it includes all of the functionality found in traditional portals, as well as a slew of new capabilities. The potential of a social platform is now available to you with Community Cloud. It enables you to streamline business processes by sharing data and files with the selected internal and external personnel while allowing them to collaborate in real-time from any location.

Salesforce Community Management Console allows you to monitor and measure critical indicators, run reports, create custom dashboards, and take action all from one single location.

Additionally, our robust services enable you to deliver a consistent consumer experience. Your members can use the community to ask questions, submit service tickets, and make purchases. You'll also have a 360 view of your customer's journey.

Employee Community creates a social intranet for your entire company. Chatter, Sites, myCases, Answers, Files, Content Libraries, Knowledge, and Ideas are all part of it. Customer Community, Customer Plus Community, and Partner Community are Community Cloud solutions primarily for external sources.

  • Customer Community offers feed discussions, groups, profiles, gamification, moderation, analytics as well everything else you'll need for large-scale external engagement. 
  • Customer Community Plus offers the ability to govern sharing, create private groups, and restrict access to files, posts, and records within the community, allowing for some private conversations. 
  • Partner Community allows for cooperative selling inside the community, lead and opportunity management, campaigns, and events.

The pricing of Community Cloud is selective on the type of community you're creating. Each of the employee, partner and customer communities has a base pricing that can be increased based on the number of members and the demands of your growing company.

Discuss your requirements with our experts, and we will assist you in determining the best solution for your company.

Yes, we can assist in deploying a community on a non-Salesforce portal or even on a different community platform. Get in touch with us to learn more about the process.